Must do to increase success in your relationship

In every relationship, the people involved usually aim and hope for the success of that very relationship. No two relationships are the same and no relationship ever succeeds without small fights and misunderstandings. So, to scale through the hurdles that come with a relationship, there are things that one must do. Reno Omokri who is the former presidential aide to the former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, has released another nugget. The nugget with capture; “what you must do to increase your chances of success for your relationship”, has got fans reacting in different ways.

Must do to increase success in your relationship

The first phase of Reno Omokri’s post reads:

To increase the chances of success for that relationship, practice the following: Court in private, date in private, propose in private, prepare for the wedding in private and marry in public.

While in the second phase of his post on ‘what you must do to increase your chances of success for your relationship’, he said:

Live your married life in private, be pregnant in private and celebrate the birth in public.

In the concluding part of his post, he emphasized the need for one to avoid publicizing what needs to be privatized. Publicizing success before it comes to a physical manifestation is one of the fastest ways one can fail, he opined. In his exact words:

Many times, when people say things like ‘people are wicked’, the real situation is that they are foolish. They publicised things that should be privatised. And when the public tramples on them, they complain. “Do not cast your pearls before swine, lest they will trample them under their feet” – Matthew 7:6.

Must do to increase success in your relationship

What You Must Do To Increase Your Chances Of Success For Your Relationship – Fans Reactions

His nugget has generated so many reactions from his fans, with each speaking his/her mind concerning the said post. One of the fans named Jane Ngozi Okonkwo reacted by saying:

Wow, you are correct Sir. So many things I kept low in my life waiting to blow it at the right time. Yes, we should not cast our pearls to the swine lest they trample it. You are a blessing Sir.

Another fan named Nyel Bara has this to say:

This man is an encyclopedia of wisdom. Thanks, Sir Reno for always cutting sense for us on this space.

One Hycent Ukwayi seems to have a different opinion about the post and this can be seen in his reply. He said:

As far as I paid complete, I no owe person, I go celebrate my wife in public oooooo…. My engagement was publicised (7 news headlines in Nigeria carried my engagement). My wife, my pride.

Must do to increase success in your relationship

Having read through the entire post, what do you think about what Reno is saying. Please leave your comments below in the comment section. Thank you.

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