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What Doctor Olufunmilayo has to say about Alcohol and Flagyl

Doctor Olufunmilayo

Doctor Olufunmilayo known on Twitter NG as “Our Favorite Online Doctor” or for short “#OurFavOnlineDoc” in a recent tweet stated some facts as regards the use of Alcohol and Flagyl.

As we know sometimes as humans we tend to mix certain substances together for consumption which also do include drugs from time to time. The effect of these mixtures sometimes have negative effects and visible reactions like itching, boils, bleeding and in some severe cases death. I can remember growing up it was said that eating mango and drinking coke would lead to death. Well I never got to try that and I wouldn’t want to confirm its authenticity rather.

Doctor Olufunmilayo


Well in Doctor Olufunmilayo’s tweet he narrated a scenario where someone going to the club will take alcohol. That same person takes a mixture of other foods and drinks and develop diarrhea. Most times when such people return back home the first thing to do is to take Flagyl. This they do in a bid to aid their situation. He warned that such act is very dangerous as it can lead to death.

Doctor Olufunmilayo further explained that taking Flagyl within 72 hours of alcohol consumption is dangerous. It is capable of killing a person as the mixture of the can be very toxic to the body.

Doctor Olufunmilayo tweet

This he noted is a common practice amongst people. It has also caused some people their lives at one point in time or the other.

Please share this with your families and friends and stay safe.

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