Nkechi Bianze gets married secretly

News that the controversial feminist, Nkechi Bianze marries secretly in a traditional way has filled the media. The marriage took place in her hometown on the 17th of July 2021 and was made known to a few people. In a post she shared on her Facebook page the following day, it was discovered that the Delta State-born feminist got married to an Igbo man. Nkechi is a feminist who not only demonstrated her anger at the African tradition, but she also has a thing against the Igbo men. Ironically, she still settled for the same Igbo men she has always opposed.

Nkechi Bianze gets married secretly

Read a sample post on how she announced her successful marriage:

Yesterday, the 17th of July 2021, all roads led to Owa (Agbor) Delta State as family and friends joined the Love of my life and I as we got married. He is from Mbaise, Imo State. No bride price was paid. And I did NOT kneel down to give him drink. We BOTH STOOD up to drink. The Traditional Wedding was done according to the custom and traditions of my people, and we edited bits to suit us.

Nkechi Bianze gets married secretly

The Controversial Feminist, Nkechi Bianze Marries Secretly – Nigerian’s Reactions

As the news that the ‘controversial feminist, Nkechi Bianze marries secretly’ began to spread around, a lot of tongues began to wag. Reacting to the news of her secret wedding to her husband, people have this to say:

@AfamDeluxo said: So, Nkechi Bianze is finally married? She even married an Igbo man. After condemning Igbo men for years, she finally ended up with one. This whole virtual feminism is all a fraud. She even knelt down to pass the cup of palm wine to her husband in obedience to Igbo culture. Clowns!

@nzekiev also said: Nkechi Bianze was my very good friend during my Facebook era, but I never knew she would marry an Igbo man due to the way she demonizes us. I’m still surprised that she married an Igbo man after insulting us for years.

@FulaniIgbo opined that Nkechi Bianze nearly made me hate Igbo men; she practically demonized them every time.

@lollypeezie commented that Nkechi Bianze is married. Who will marry the female folks she misled in the name of woke feminism?

Below is a picture of peoples comments as regards Nkechi’s secret wedding.

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