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Story Surrounding The Mysterious Death Of Dj Flexynaija

Dj Flexynaija Dead

What would make someone’s death to be seen as a mysterious thing? Worst still, what would make a vibrant looking young man such as Hyperman die at such a young age? It is indeed a tragedy that Hyperman, a young and popularly known Dj Alias DJ Flexynaija is dead. This is the story surrounding the mysterious death of Dj Flexynaija.

Dj Flexynaija Dead

He is said to have died on Saturday the 3rd of July 2021, after he was poisoned by an unknown person. He is the only son of his widowed mother, and a student of Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State. Coincidentally before his untimely demise, he made a post about unfriendly friends on his Facebook page on June 2021. Who knew that would be his last post on earth?

Story Surrounding The Mysterious Death Of Dj Flexynaija (His Last Post)

Dj Flexynaija Dead

In the post, he talked about how he was envied now that he has attained success after many life struggles. See an extract from the post:

This life funny sha! Success they say attracts envy. Hmmmmmm! Why Dem no dey envy person when him dey suffer? Na!!!!!!!!! I speak this word from my heart, any eye, leg, hand or mouth wey go rise against you saying you don’t deserve what you have right now, let that body be freeze forever in Jesus name…….Amen 🙏 God is the greatest. #teamflexynaija. #winningteam.

See the sample image below on the post he made last month June 2021.

Dj Flexynaija Dead
It is worthy of note to know that the late Dj Flexynaija is behind the viral hype “he said one for the Dj, one for the hyperman.” While investigations are still on-going about the mystery surrounding his death, we pray that his soul will rest in peace. Indeed, the story surrounding the mysterious death of Dj Flexynaija is a sad one. He will certainly  be missed by all and sundry.

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