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Reasons why Davido boycotted Jos Chillin Mega Fiesta

Davido Boycott Jos Chilling Mega Fiesta


Jos chilling is a public/ private sector partnership project designed to reposition Plateau State as the tourism destination of choice. The Jos chilling mega fiesta has become an annual event since its inception. The event often features A list celebrities from around the country. Its always a wonderful time which people in and around Jos often look forward to. This year it was Davido’s turn to grace the great event and he decided to boycott the Jos chillin.

After posting a video prior to the Jos chillin event to reaffirm his coming, fans waited for Davido’s arrival to meet only disappointment. With the current cold weather in Jos and the stress of commute, Jos fans were highly disappointed with Davido’s actions. This is the first time that Jos Chillin have ever failed to deliver. This only goes to beg the question. What are the reasons why Davido decided to boycott Jos chillin? Funny enough, some say there were warning signs even as the event was properly hyped till the very end.

No formal statement has been given by Davido and we can’t help but wonder what exactly went wrong?

Why decided to boycott Jos chillin?

Was the turnout not massive enough for Davido?

was his payment and other terms and conditions not met by the organizers?

According to an unconfirmed source Davido was paid 15 million naira for the event plus another 1 million for aviation fuel.


Did Chioma called him that the baby was crying?

I cannot categorically tell you that now but one thing is for sure, Jos people don’t deserve this. Whatever the case maybe, Davido needs to make a formal apology to the good people of Jos and find a way to compensate them.

A lot of fans have called him out on various social media platform expressing their sadness and disappointment.

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