Meet Isaiah Acosta The Jawless Rapper

isaiah acosta the jawless rapper


Isaiah Acosta was born fighting for his life in 1999. He was born jawless and without the ability to eat or speak. A condition known as situs inversus meant he was deprived of oxygen for 15 minutes at birth; Doctors told his mom that even if he did survive he wouldn’t have any quality of life. 20 years on and this fighter is not only leading a healthy life, he’s also making waves on the music scene. Meet Isaiah Acosta The Jawless Rapper

Isaiah Acosta, from Phoenix, Arizona, is a living proof that you should never give up on your dreams. Delivered two months early, he was born without a jaw and wasn’t expected to survive. He had no voice or way of eating and he still requires a tube to breathe. But Isaiah survived, and he’s been a fighter ever since.

In a documentary about Isaiah’s life, his mother Tarah describes what a miracle her son is.

“Everything in his body is a mirror image flipped backwards. His stomach, his heart, I mean everything.

“Isaiah was born with no jaw so right at birth we had to make a decision whether to save him and take the chance. I was told that he wasn’t going to walk, talk, and pretty much be bed bound. I mean every day we wake up we are lucky that he is here.”

But 20 years later and Isaiah is living proof of what you can achieve if you put your mind to it, despite some serious odds.


Isaiah is not only heavily involved in community service he is also living his dream of being part of the music industry. It’s astonishing when you think that this incredible young man can’t speak. Through unique gestures and his phone Isaiah is not only able to communicate but write songs, he loves to rap.

Phoenix rapper Tikey “Trap House” Patterson voiced Isaiah’s first rap. Sadly the rapper died in January 2019 of cancer. Isaiah has used his fellow rapper as his inspiration to keep going. He even graduated from high school last year, an achievement his family never expected to see.

“I’m going to keep his (Trap House) legacy alive, continuing to share our story, to share kindness,” Isaiah told 12News.

All Isaiah wants is a fair chance in life, and hopes to help others who are sick or look different. Isaiah has overcome so many obstacles and I hope he continues to do so and inspire many others. He was born without a jam an still found a way for people to hear him.

Please share this story to remind others that they should never give up on their dreams.

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