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Lord Blaze Road to Olympus


Hi everyone am Lord Blaze and am a hip-pop artist from Nigeria. I started music officially in 2012 when I drooped my first major single “feeling de Boy” and from there other songs followed. It’s almost 8 years now with a lot of coming and going but this will be story for another time. I felt it was time to go at it for real this time, so I decided to work on my first Extended Play “Road To Olympus”.

The Road To Olympus EP is a project I decided to put together as an expression of my journey thus far in the music industry. Hey we all have our stories to tell and we’ve all been through different turns getting to where we are now. As life goes on I believe we all on a continuous journey searching for what makes sense to us. Well Road To Olympus is my journey to what makes sense to me and I have been at it for years now.

What is Olympus?

Lord Blaze Road to Olympus

Olympus is not a new word to anyone familiar with the Greek methodology. Olympus is the home of the Greek gods, Zeus, Poseidon, etc its officially call Mount Olympus. It is usually depicted as a palace on a floating mountain. For Lord Blaze as an artist and a man with vision, getting to Olympus is me reaching my set out goals. I have had my ups and down but getting to my goals has always been my due North. So this is me like every determined human working towards achieving something. It may not be perfect but I aint stopping anytime soon.

I indulge you to journey with me and we may learn a thing or two together. So if you feeling what am bringing then you should get egger to witness sounds extra amazing. There is going to be a lot of activities rolling out and am going to need your support massively to make this a reality.

About Road To Olympus

Road To Olympus is a six 6 track EP (Extended Play) with a couple of features. The project is almost done and singles will be flying out anytime soon. Also I plan on doing some videos and definitely we are going to have some merch to go round.

Lord Blaze Road to Olympus

How Can I be a Part of or Support the Project?

Well I will be more than grateful to receive any form of support from you. You are free to support in anyway you can Liking, sharing, commenting, criticizing, short videos, downloading, etc. That’s not all, you can buy my EP when its out, buy my branded merchandise (T-shirts, Caps, Hoods, etc), Donations, endorsements deals, Interviews, Magazine covers, etc. Just anything you feel you can do all will be greatly appreciated.


How to get connected?

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Thanks as we make history together. Please stay tuned.

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