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How To Use Your WhatsApp To Point Out Your Current Location

how to share live location WhatsApp

To know how to use your Whatsapp to point out your current location, then read through this post. Security of a person is not something we should joke with especially because it involves the protection of one’s life. Of recent, a lot of vices have been going on in our society and our country Nigeria, as regards security and the loss of precious lives. Despite the security measures put in place by our security forces and our government, insecurity keeps on posing its challenges in the country. A few months ago, a young and vibrant-looking Nigerian citizen named Iniubong Umoren, was raped and murdered in cold blood. Unfortunately in the same vein, similar stories about the gruesome murder of humans in this country have been told by many media houses. In this article, you would be learning how to use your WhatsApp to point out your current location.

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As citizens in this era of insecurity, to be safe, being security conscious is a must-have skill. If you are opportune to be using an Android phone, then you must have WhatsApp downloaded on your phone. Peradventure you don’t have a WhatsApp on your phone, go to Play Store on your phone, search for WhatsApp and download it.

How To Use Your WhatsApp To Point Out Your Current Location

Like previously mentioned, you would be learning how to use your WhatsApp to point out your current location. The following are the steps one can take to reveal their location especially when they perceive danger:

Step One

The first step to revealing your location in case of any eventuality is for you to click on the name of the person or on the group you would want to share your location with. Click on the highlighted icon on the image below:

Whatsapp Location

Step Two

When you’ve clicked on the icon above, you’ll see seven different icons pop up, please click on the highlighted one which is the ‘location’, as seen on the image below:Whatsapp Location

Step Three

When you’ve clicked on the location, a map showing the places you may likely be at the moment with two icons will pop up, click on the ‘share live location’, you’ll see it is already been highlighted in the picture below.

Step four

After you have clicked on the ‘share live location’ icon, another icon will pop up. This  showing you something an image like the sample below. Click on the highlighted icon ‘continue’ below, and it will take you to the final stage.

Step Five

In this final stage, an icon showing ‘share live locations’ with the number of hours you want the live location to be shared will pop up. You can click on any of the hours showing; and below that, you can leave a comment as to why you are sharing your live location.

Doing all these listed above, will make it easier for people to track you and rescue you in time from any impending danger. I hope we adhere strictly to these security tips for our safety. Please click on the Share button to share these security tips to save a life today. You can also click on the follow button, like, and comment on this post. Thanks.

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