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How To Meet Up Your Goals For 2021 Before December

how to meet your 2021 goals

I know it’s the last quarter of the year but yes you can still meet up your goals for 2021. I know 2021 has been a lot of things for different people but I must say it has been a wonderful year. It came with lots of expectations for it. This especially is due to the fact the whole world was just recovering from the covid-19 pandemic.  Lots of people globally had set lots of goals for 2021 hoping to bounce back from the effects of 2020. I know you too reading this must have mapped out several goals for 2021 at the beginning of the year.

Despite all the plans and expectations, sometimes life happens and we are not always able to see things through. You might have achieved some and some you couldn’t. We are already in the last quarter of the year and some goals/plans already seem unachievable. Due to various reasons, you may also not have the drive to continue with your 2021 plans. Some people by now are already turning the rest of their 2021 plans into 2022 plans. This should not be the case as you can still meet up the rest of your 2021 goals before the year ends. In this article, am going to be sharing with you 6 ways on how you can meet up your goals for 2021 before December. Join me as we look at these 6 ways together, they are as follow;

review your goals

Review Your Goals

It is often said, “You can’t really know where you are going unless you know where you are coming from”. To be able to move forward and fast this last quarter, you must first sit down and take stock of your 2021 goals thus far. For you to meet up your goals before December, go through your initial plans for the year. Make an honest analysis of what you have been able to achieve. Highlight the ones you are yet to achieve and organize them in order of priority.

Once you do this it helps you achieve two things. First, to some extent, you will feel proud of yourself for the wins you must have recorded so far. This will help you build up positive morale which will help with the extra boost you need. The good thing about setting goals is that often even subconsciously, we tend to accomplish some of them. I am a witness to this. Most times when I review my goals, I get amazed at how much work I have done. This can be linked to the fact that by thinking of them regularly, your mind becomes conscious of achieving them. You can call it your “subconscious programming”.

The second thing is that you are able to see exactly how much work you have left to accomplish. This helps you in planning your next course of action and how to prioritize your work. Reviewing your plans/goals is one good start towards meeting your goals for 2021 before December. This helps you focus on what is important as you work towards meeting up your goals. Just make sure to be sincere as possible with your review and don’t be harsh on yourself for the goals yet to be achieved.

Getting Smart With Meeting Your Goals

Getting smart with your goals is not only game-changing but also time-optimizing. These days we are often advised to work smarter and not harder, the same applies to setting goals. Setting SMART goals should be something you must treat with utmost importance. In fact, I will advise not setting goals at all if they are not going to be SMART. For you who will be hearing the term SMART Goals for the first time, it simply means;

S – specific [This means you should be sure with what you want to achieve]

M – measurable [Specify exactly the extent of what you want to achieve. If it’s money you want to make, how much do you want to make.]

A – achievable (attainable) [From the first two you will know what’s attainable and what’s not, be sure to be honest with yourself.]

R – relevant [how relevant is achieving that your goal to you at the moment? Will buying a new car now be of any real benefit to you now? etc]

T – time-bound [From the time you have left, will you be truly able to achieve what you want to?]

Sometimes we get stuck not achieving our goals due to the fact they are not SMART. In a nutshell in addition to setting SMART goals, you also have to be smart in achieving your goals. Look around you and look for easier and smarter ways to achieving said goals. Not by cutting corners or doing illegal things but by knowing how to apply knowledge and critical thinking to whatever you are doing. As it’s said on the streets “use your head”, stay smart. On how to meet your goals before December, you need to stay sharp.

time management for your goals

Efficient Time Management Towards Meeting Your Goals

Time they say waits for no man. Managing time has always been a major component in achieving favorable results. On how you want to meet up your goals for 2021 before December, you have to understand how to properly manage your time. You have to be focused on what you have to always do towards achieving your goals for 2021. Anytime spent on other tasks not associated with what’s expected of you, is time wasted. Wasted time cannot be gotten back as no amount of money in the world can buy time.

Time is money but no money indeed can buy time. As the last quarter of the year unfolds, it’s wise to cut off anything not pushing you towards achieving your goals. Your main focus should be making the rest of your 2021 count so you can meet up your goals. Always be time conscious and focused on your goals at all times.

Resource Management

Properly managing resources has always been an integral part of any project, be it personal or otherwise. On how you want to meet up your goals, you have to learn how to manage your resources. In business, you often hear managers tell you they are more bothered about what goes out than what comes in. This is based on the fact that no matter how much you make if you can’t control what goes out then there is a problem. This is also the same for the resources at your disposal, be it cash, connections, people, and so on. Especially liquid cash and people which without these two achieving your goals will be somewhat impossible.  Resources play a major role in achieving your goals than we sometimes tend to acknowledge.

You should learn how to budget when it comes to financing, and follow up when it comes to people. You should know how to distribute properly the necessary resource for the achievement of your goals at all times.

take a break from your goals

Take a Break From Your Goals

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy they say, you work hard, you play even harder also. Sometimes all you need is just to take a step back and breathe. This doesn’t make you lazy or unserious in any way rather it goes a long way to help you unwind. Some day’s things won’t just go as planned or you may find yourself in a situation where you keep not getting results. In other cases, it might be you not knowing how to go about things or not just feeling motivated. Taking a break helps you relax your mind and allow yourself to rest.

This you can do through various ways which often varies from person to person. Some of which include taking the day off to relax, walks in nature, or your home gardens. Also going on a brief vacation, hanging out with friends and family have also been of help. At this point, you are free to experiment and try out what works better for you as an individual. For me I enjoy listening to music and vibing with it, also I love watching cartoons.

At the end of all these activities, you should be able to now come back to the task at hand with a fresh mind. Now you can go over your goals again this time with a clear mind on how to go about tackling them. You should do these as often as needed whenever you get stuck with achieving your goals. The journey of meeting your goals for 2021 before December is a gradual one. Just try to stay consistent in meeting your goals and keep an open mind.

Stay Positive Towards Meeting Your Goals

The need to always keep a positive mindset all the time cannot be overemphasized. There is a Nigerian slang that says “problem no dey finish”. No matter how you beat yourself, nothing changes unless you move on. Yes, sometimes things don’t go as planned and this can be frustrating but you should learn to quickly get over them. Rather focus on what is to be learned with a clear head and positive mind. This will help you know how to go about things better and improve more on yourself. Always stay away from negative energy as far as possible.

As you try on how to meet your goals before December ends, always keep a positive spirit. Try to prevent external forces from ruining your mood. Note that only you have the power to make you feel bad. Anything other than you bringing you negative energy you permitted it. Always learn to guard your vibes and tempo, remember to always keep them high. Above all pray, trust God, and keep pushing. You are a born winner.

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