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How to keep your sanity in troubled times

sanity in troubled times


Life doesn’t always turn out to be the way we planned it to be. Keeping your sanity in troubled times is a skill everyone needs to have. Every now and then we humans get hit with life challenges from one side or the other. From personal issues, family, work, relationship, and several other situations. In this our current stage in history we have a life treating pandemic to deal with. Life has been tough on many people all over the globe as our normal way of life has been threatened. Lots of pressure has resin for both young and old people. I often sit down and wonder how do most people cope? The funny part though is as if nobody is even talking.

Well in this article we are going to be taking look at how you can keep your cool and sanity in troubled times. This sure will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and boost your overall well being. Before we dive in let’s take a look at what sanity actually is.

sanity in troubled times

What is sanity?

According to the oxford dictionary, sanity is the ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner. That is having sound mental health. Maintaining sound mental health is a crucial key in leading a good happy life. If a person is not sound mentally, the chance of making a good rational decision is slim.

Our sanity as humans doesn’t only affect us but also the people around us. This is also one of the main reasons why we need to take caution of our mental health. Most times people tend to ignore their mental health and sanity till it’s all too late. This can also result in various issues and sometimes health complications. Let’s take a look at some of the ways we can maintain our sanity especially in these troubled times that we now live in.

  1. Breathe for a minute

No need for any special magic trick for this one. I know you may be going through a lot but just take a pause and breathe for a minute. Take a deep breath in right now,  hold it in for as long as you can then just gently let it all out. Do this repeatedly for a minute or so, just focus on your heartbeat. I know it’s been a while you have done this, as in actually noticed yourself breathing. Even with everything going on for some reason your heart still beats and pumps blood to your vain. This alone is a sign that everything is going to be fine. As the saying goes “If you have life, you have hope.”

I know times may be hard; you may be going through different kinds of stress. Maybe financial, emotional, e.t.c. A little shift in thinking can go a long way, but first, you need to just breathe for a minute. Everything is step by step, so no need to be hard on yourself.

sanity in troubled times

  1. Know what exactly what is bothering your sanity

Sometimes we humans exaggerate our problems and end up worrying about what isn’t even there. Due to this, we end up battling imaginary problems that are not there. This in turn tends to affect our sanity as humans putting unnecessary pressure on us. This also goes to affect our loved ones and the people close to us. When faced with life issues bothering you, the best way to go about it is to know what the real problem is.

I will suggest you get a pen and paper and list them out. List out whatever you feel is bothering you. This will help you get a mental picture of the problems you face. Once you are able to do this, you will properly identify what is disturbing you and what isn’t. Actually identifying and knowing the problems you face is a key step towards gardening your sanity in troubled times. It will help you on your journey towards determining how to provide solutions to the challenges you face.

banana sanity in troubled times

  1. Which one can you control?

Now that you have been able to list out the problems that are actually bothering you. The next question is what can you control. No matter who you are there are certain things and events you can’t control as a person. Things happen on a daily basis and some of these events are not ours to control. You can’t control the weather, you can’t stop the sun from shining on a sunny day. The list goes on and on, but am sure you get my drift. When faced with challenges, it’s important to know what you can and can’t control. This will help to know where to focus your energy.

If you get to read “The Secret” a book by Rhonda Byrne., it made mention of this. Where you focus your energy that’s what you attract. I will talk more on this in another article subsequently. Focus on what you can control, first of which will be how you feel right now. Your state of mind also determines your ability to properly solve your problems. Be happy that you are about to settle what’s bothering you. Think positively and focus on how to solve or handle situations you can control. Map a strategic plan on how your actions you will go about handling those things you can control.

  1. Dealing with what you can’t control in troubled times

No worrying and beating of yourself over things you can’t control will do you any good. We are all humans and that means we all have limitations. Situations are bound to arise where we have little to no control over. Look at the coronavirus pandemic, for example, nobody saw it coming. No matter what you had planned during this period, there is nothing you could have done about it.

When faced with situations that you can’t control, keeping a positive mind is the best option for your mental health. Maintaining your sanity is of importance especially in times like this cause it always helps you to reason better. Always remember to analyze the situation, do what you can, and then move on. Make peace with what you can’t handle and push ahead. Remember to always focus on staying positive.

happy sanity in troubled times

  1. Take care of yourself in troubled times

Only the living and healthy can enjoy life to the fullest. Overthinking and worrying won’t change anything. Rather it will only end up compounding more problems for you. Whenever you feel stressed, bored, tired, depressed, or not in a good mood with yourself, you need to take action.

There are several simple things you can do even right away to help your situation. For example, you can take a walk to clear your mind and take it off your negative mood. Pause on the street or a garden if you have access to one and admire nature, it has been proven to work a lot. Change your thinking of the problem and focus on a solution instead. Always make sure you think positively for your sanity’s sake.

There is a pidgin adage that states “problem no dey finish”. It means problems don’t end or stop coming. You just need to brace up and enjoy life as it comes. If the need arises you can always talk to someone, you don’t always have to struggle alone. Remember life is beautiful and we enjoy it more by staying happy and radiating love to the people around us.


Things happen every day, make peace with it, and move on. When faced with life issues, keeping your sanity in such troubled times is important.  For things, you can control, do the needful, and those you can’t control, let it be. Remember those around you also depend on you to stay positive. Always radiate love, happiness, and kindness. You are sure to get the same back in even more folds. Your sanity is key to better rational reasoning.

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