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Giving yourself a better shot at life

better shot at life

Life as we know it is a journey and as with most journeys you need to know where you are heading to. When it comes to the journey of life, sometimes we have no idea where we heading to. We often hear people say I don’t really know where my life is heading to this days. Well the journey through life doesn’t has to be a difficult one. There are many ways you can go about giving yourself a better shot at life. Even though life sometimes takes us trough tough twist and turns, life was always designed to be easy and fun. The fact about life is this, you just have to understand how the universe works. Knowing this will give you a better shot at achieving your goals.

For you to fully understand this concept, I will be breaking this article into 3 parts. Giving yourself a better shot at life is one sure way to living a better and fulfilled life. Below we shall be looking at three paths to follow in making the best out of your life.

the universe jaycampushitz

Understanding the universe

Contrary to popular belief, the planet and the universe at large are a wonderful place to be. Despite the wars, pandemics, hardship, terrorism and what have you, you can live the best of life if you want to. I know you may wonder how possible can this be? Well as Brian Tracy will say change your thinking change your life, and Napoleon Hill will say think big and grow rich. For you to understand the universe and life in general you have to change your mind set.

Having a new mind set is one of the essential steps in giving yourself a better shot at life. Changing your mind set is one of the key ingredients in living a better life. If you read “the secrete by Rhonda Byrne” you will have a broad scope on what changing your mindset. Having a new perspective about live is key despite all the ills you could think of about life.

When it comes to changing your mind set, its not about any mind set but a positive mind. Its more about viewing the world and the universe at large the way you would want it to be. One thing you should know is you can live the exact type of life you want for yourself no matter the situation you in now. The universe is designed by default to obey our every wish if only we are focused and willing to access what we want. If you vibrate the right energy with the universe you get aliened with it and thus have a better understanding of the world as it is.


The universe has more installed for your than you think is just about you keeping an open mind. In giving yourself a better shot at life you have to pay keen attention to your surroundings. You will discover all you need to succeed in life is staring you in the face. Think of it as searching for hidden treasures, there are clues always in plane sites. You just have to pay enough attention to notice them. Ask yourself the right question “What am I not seeing?” With the right amount of focus the universe will reveal its mysteries to you.

know yourself

Knowing yourself

To give yourself a better shot at life, you need to know yourself. Someone once complained that most successful people when asked what’s their success tips for others they say this. Most of them will say “Know yourself”, the person said he has knowing himself from birth but still no difference. He stressed that how much more does he needs to know himself for him to be successful. Am sure you may have felt like this before or ask yourself this same question before. When it comes to knowing yourself, its not about knowing basic details about you. Knowing yourself is a conscious mind activity you have to do right to be able to see the desire results.


Let’s look at it this way, take where you have been staying for example let’s do a little experiment.  By now you know exactly how every street and building looks like etc, and you also have your daily routine and the road you follow to go out. If any new structures should be made or any new business opens in that area it will take you time to notice it. Most times someone has to tell you or on a day your mind it less occupied you discover it.

When I opened my first business in a particular location I noticed something. Even after four years some people come in and say they never knew this kind of business operated in this street. I guess they weren’t paying attention or they taught they knew their street well.

Same applies when it comes to knowing yourself. Most people think they know everything about themselves but they really don’t. Yes you have been living with yourself from birth, but have you ever sat down to know who you are? You have to pay attention to yourself to know yourself if you want to give yourself a better shot at life. To be successful you have to know when to play the right cards. To do this you have to ask yourself the right question. As Jackie Chan asked himself in a movie “Who am I”?

Try spending time with yourself and be sincere with yourself about yourself. The key to your success or failure is always you.

new path

Creating your own path

As earlier mentioned, to get to where you want, you need to know where you are going. We are all special and unique in our own way thus we all have different paths to follow in life. To journey through life successful, you need to create a path to follow. Creating a path for yourself has to do with you knowing exactly what you want. You know yourself better so you will definitely know exactly what you want for your life.

The trick here is to first know yourself and what you really want the most. From that you can easily create a path for yourself to achieve whatever you set out your mind to. With a good understanding of the universe you can make your dreams come true with no limitations of any kind. Make up your mind today to create a path for yourself and give yourself a better shot at life.


Remember to always keep a positive mind and focus only on the positive. You are more than you think you are. No matter the challenges you maybe facing now its nothing compared to powers you have inside you. You can be more and you can do better, you just need to give yourself a better shot at life.

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