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Girl Goes Sales Her Nude To Raise Funds For Australia You Won’t Believe How Much She Raised

A girl identified as The naked Philanthropist went online to sell her nudes to raise funds for Australia you won’t believe how much she raised. The girl took to her twitter page to tweet about her plans.

She was quoted as follows;

I ‘am sending nudes to every person who donates at least ten Dollars ($10) to any one of these fundraisers for the wildfires in Australia. Every ten Dollars ($10) you donate equals (=) one nude picture from me to your DM (Direct Message).

naked philanthropist

She also stated you must send confirmation that you donated. Please RT (Retweet).

Three days after her tweet she claimed she has raised over a million Dollars for Australia fundraisers. She tweeted on her page that;

Would you believe me if I told you we raised an estimated $1 million (One million Dollars) for Australia?

Guess her philanthropy would go a long way in helping those families affected by the wild fire.

Well in another news her gestures have been met with a lot of reaction from her family, friends, fans and other. Do follow up our recommended read for more.

As we all know Australia has been experiencing wild forest fires and at least 25 lives have been lost. With rains over the weekend a quick relieve was experienced. Out of the 136 fires a total of 69 fires still remained uncontained. A lot of families have lost their homes and most still seeking refuge. It is anticipated that the fires will continue to burn for months to come says NPR.

The Australian government is currently setting up a $1.4 billion (One billion four hundred thousand Dollars) fund to help those affected by the fire. Our prayers are with the Australian people may the good Lord send down more rains. Amen

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