Fans react to the negative comment Pere made about Whitemoney So the media has been buzzing since yesterday the 10th of August, 2021; and the reason for this is not farfetched. This is because of the way fans react to the negative comment Pere made about Whitemoney. If you are conversant with the Nigerian reality TV show, then you must be familiar with the names Whitemoney and Pere. During a discussion Pere had with Maria, he was overheard telling her that he wants to upset the balance in the house. Also that he wants to remove Whitemoney from the kitchen because he thinks that’s Whitemoney’s strategy to win the show. Furthermore, he went on to tell Maria that it’s not a vacation but rather it’s a game so she needs to up her game.

Fans react to the negative comment Pere made about Whitemoney

Fans React To The Negative Comment Pere Made About Whitemoney

Fans have reacted to the statement made by Pere concerning Whitemoney cooking the food that the housemates eat alone. Below are some of the comments made by fans either for or against what Pere said.

A Nigerian identified as Oluchi Onyephoto commented: Did he stop anybody from cooking? Mr. White took up the responsibility because many of them are lazy to cook… If Pere is jealous, let him start cleaning the toilet, after all, strategy na strategy.

Tochukwu Nwanga, a Facebook user also said: This guy didn’t stop anybody from cooking…he just took up the responsibility. Because many of them are lazy to cook even what they want, they have to resort to anything given to them by Whitemoney.

Chioma Okwubanego commented by saying: and is anything wrong with using cooking as his strategy? He should do it if it’s easy…we love him with or without cooking. He isn’t just cooking but all-round entertaining abeg. Nawa o! You all should leave him alone…Pere’s strategy is to gossip.

Fans react to the negative comment Pere made about Whitemoney

Uju Jonathan Ajuonwu also said: Pere should use sweeping as his strategy na… let him sweep the rooms, lounge, garden and all. He should do it thrice a day as that’s a good strategy too. Seeing the house clean always will get him more fans.

Finally, Ese Benny also said: IMO Pere is right! Earlier this morning, JMK – the new housemate, offered to cook but Whitemoney declined. She insisted by saying that she loves to cook. So Whitemoney spoke to Tega to dissuade her from cooking, and Tega responded with what would be her benefit. Whitemoney jokingly said 1 big lap of chicken. The point is Whitemoney should allow others the privilege of whoever wants to cook…

Fans react to the negative comment Pere made about Whitemoney

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