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Chinmark And His Wife Welcome A Bouncing Baby Boy

Chinmark Welcomes A Bouncing Baby Boy

Chinmark and his wife welcome a bouncing baby boy to join their beautiful family. He (Chinmark) made the announcement on his Facebook page, on Sunday the 18th of July 2021 at about 2pm Central African Time (CAT). In his exact words, he said:

Is a Boy!!!!!!!!! The Chinmark Prince has Arrived. Obababada has done Chinmark well.


Chinmark Welcomes A Bouncing Baby Boy

Chinmark is a billionaire Igbo businessman whose real name is Chinedu Marksman Ijiomah. He is a married man, and the name of his wife is Trinity Ijiomah Marksman. While Chinmark is the Chairman/President of Chinmark Group, his wife Trinity Ijiomah is the Director. Altogether, they have built an empire in Nigeria and some of the other countries of the world at large. Also, Chinmark is a man who is popular for his Red King status and is also known for this saying “All we have, God gave us!

Chinmark Welcomes A Bouncing Baby Boy

Coincidentally, the arrival of the Chinmark Prince came at the same time the Chinmark Company was marking their tenth (10th) year anniversary. The joy of this couple knows no bounds as family, friends and well-wishers are beginning to pour in their congratulatory messages to them. As Chinmark and his wife welcome a bouncing baby boy, below are some of the congratulatory message extracts they received:

Vincent Ugochukwu Okoro commented thus: Congratulations Marksman! Welcome, Prince Chinmark!! A fan whose name is Winnie Albert Usanga simply said this: Congratulations to you and the queen mother. Chinmark Prince, you are highly welcome. In conclusion, one Ijeoma Nnolum said: Welcome to the world lucky champ and congratulations to the lovely parents. No doubt you guys have all it takes to raise him in the fear of God.

Below are the screenshots of some of the comments as seen on Marksman’s Facebook page: Chinmark Welcomes A Bouncing Baby Boy

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