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Checkout Jean Paul Fashioned Leaf Bag Collection

Jean Paul Picture

Jean Paul is one unique French fashion designer you could ever think of. Regarded as one of the unconventional fashion designers of our time Jean Paul Gaultier really does know how to make a lasting impression. He come through yet again in his new leaf bag collection.

The new Jean Paul clutches collection were shaped like leaves and made green, hence the name Leaf Bags“.  Jean Paul Leaf Bag Collection is indeed a marvel to behold.

Jean Paul leaf bag

As capture in Vogue magazine, the concept was roused by a man named Moctezuma, who was an Aztec sovereign. With the leaf packs, Gaultier needed to go represent the main theme ”sustainability”.

jean paul leaf bag3

Nature has been a motivation from various perspectives. From food to design, it is utilized as a subject a ton of times. Regardless of the concept being around 11 years of age, Netizens were similarly astounded.  When the Jean Paul Leaf Bag Collection photos became a web sensation on the web. It accumulated 11,600 retweets and 86,100 preferences.

jean paul leaf bag2

From Nigeria and various countries around the world, leaves have been continually used to serve and package food. Back home here in Nigeria, Moi moi and Ofada rice are all best served in leaf raps. It’s  argued that such foods when serve in leaf raps tends to add a better and unique taste to the food.

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