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Check out MC Galaxy’s Business franchise and what UBi franklin has to say

MC Galaxy

Nigerian music star MC Galaxy has been doing more than just music lately. The Sekem crooner has been busy with other things especially his growing business franchise Sekem Kitchen. In this post we invite you to check out MC Galaxy’s Business franchise and what UBi franklin has to say.

sekem kitchen

MC Galaxy currently runs a restaurant called Sekem Kitchen in the beautiful city of Lagos. He announced the coming of the business sometime late 2019. Since its coming, the business has been growing steadily. The restaurant offers an array of mouthwatering meals from local to intercontinental dishes. Some of the categories include sekem jellof, fisherman soup, Ekpang, bole and fish, etc.

fisherman soup sekem kitchen

MC Galaxy restaurant Sekem Kitchen  has since enjoyed patronage from various celebrities and top personalities both home and abroad. Some of which include Bred, Benita Peters, Mercy Eke and Tripple MG boss Ubi Franklin.

Ubi Franklin

Ubi Franklin recently took to his Instagram page to show love and support to MC Galaxy as he patronized the Kitchen. He praised Sekem Kitchen for having the best fisher man soup in Lagos. In his words, he had this to say;

Gentlemen listen

MC Galaxy has the best fisher soup in Lagos

I have been to several restaurants and he has the best fisher man soup

Let me tell you something

The last time I ordered fisherman soup

… have you ever seen where you carry food and put under your pillow

You know because your younger brothers are visiting you

You know as single men so we have to buy food and put in the fridge

So I carried a gun, carried the food and put under my pillow…

Fisherman soup bet ever.

Its really good seeing artist/entertainers in general diversifying their income streams. It’s better than some who turn to other vices just to keep up with the glam of the celebrity life style. Kudos to MC Galazy and we wish him more wins.

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