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Boy Attempts Suicide Over His Friends Babe

suicide attempt


The recent trend of suicide over the country is becoming way past alarming. You barely go online everyday and not find a post or news update about someone that committed suicide. These days its almost as though the guys are even the more victims of this sad phenomenon. This has somehow found a way and is eating deep into our communities. I just came across this story where this guy attempted to commit suicide over his friends babe.

I for one have heard a lot of stories but this particular one really got me wondering its possibility. If not that it was a true life story I would never believe it, if I heard it. With out further delay let me gist you this one. This happened right in Jos Plateau State Nigeria.

This particular guy, with name withheld but for easy reading I would call John. John has been having an affair with his friend’s babe (let’s call her Sandra) for quite a while now. Apparently romance and rasmatez has been going on between the two behind the friend (let’s call him Samson). Funny enough all of them know each other well, so nothing like any party is unaware or it’s a mistake. So the Samson found out what was going on and drew the attention of John and Sandra. Funny enough unlike other who would had gone crazy, dumped the girl or even beat and meme the guy, Samson was willing to talk and iron things out.

Samson called John and Sandra to a meeting which they all attended to settle the matter. Samson said since they were all friends and he won’t want anything come between them he has come to a conclusion. He said his girlfriend should choose between him and John who she wanted to be with. Samson also said whatever her choice was, he would honor it. Sandra said she still loved her man Samson and would want to continue the relationship. Ah “still love her man” (I wonder but who am I to judge). The matter was closed and Samson accepted Sandra back, but John was not happy. John was hearth broken over Sandra’s decision to leave him permanently for Samson.

suicide attempt

John after some days came up with a conclusion to commit suicide as life without Sandra was unbearable. He successfully drank rat poison in an attempt to take his own life. John was willing to die as Sandra had turned him down severally since after the meeting. Luckily for him people were around and quickly came to his aid. He was rushed to one the hospitals here in Jos Plateau where he was quickly stabilized. His dad was mad about his son action and left to him the idiot should just die. Well that’s fathers for you they don’t take such madness.

Sandra came to visit him at the hospital and also spent some time with him. John was able to recover and life continued. Well for the rest of the story I don’t know but it is what it is. Life goes on and the planet still rotates around its orbit.

Sometimes all we can do is just wonder how some people think or how they reason things. Well no matter the issue suicide is never the answer. People need to get more informed and sensitized on how to get help. Especially on this silent killer called depression. We all deal with various problems and go through different struggles every day but no matter how bad you think it is people have seen worse & survived. Always remember,

if your maker still saw a reason to keep you alive you have no right to give up on yourself.

Stay strong the best is yet to come.


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