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Bobrisky Releases New Pictures Of Himself In A Bikini – See Photos

Bobrisky release Pictures

Fans react as the female cross-dresser Bobrisky releases new pictures of himself in a bikini. Cross-dressing is the act of wearing items of clothing not commonly associated with one’s sex. In recent times, cross-dressers use it for fashion, self-expression, the purpose of comfort, etc. Bobrisky, whose real name is Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, is a popular female cross-dresser in Nigeria. Reactions are trailing him on social media as he (Bobrisky) releases new pictures of himself in a bikini. Note that these newly released pictures are as a result of a newly done cosmetic surgery.

These days, cross-dressing is the new fashion and some Nigerians (especially the male gender) are not left out of this ‘new fashion trend’. The controversial female cross-dresser (Bobrisky) released two new pictures of himself in Bikini wear. He tagged the two pictures which show him putting on two different bikinis, with two different slogans.
In the first picture, he tagged it thus:

Good morning beautiful people, how was your night?

Bobrisky bikini pictures

While in the second picture, this is the way he tagged it:

Lunch is served 😘. What are you having for lunch 😋?

Bobrisky bikini pictures

Fans Reactions:

Reacting to the pictures which he released on his Facebook page, some of his fans have this to say:

Solomon Bright Homenyoa said: my brother is beautifully handsome, while one Comedian Waris opined: on behalf of everyone we miss you, can’t wait to kiss you.

In a rather funny tone, a fan by the name Emma Nu El said:

wow wow wow. What a beautiful and sexy brother 😍😍. My guy keeps it up 😏😏. One Joicy Whyte commented thus: beautiful brother, but your waist is fine. While A fan named Favour Muoma added, thank God I’m not using free mode today. I would have missed this awesome lunch out brother I mean auntie gave us today. Another fan William G. Johnson said: This girl is absolutely beautiful. I love his shape 🤭🤸‍♂‍.

Fans reactions on Bobrisky bikini pictures

Fans reactions on Bobrisky bikini pictures

The reactions of fans keep pouring in, with each of them voicing out his/her mind regarding the pictures. To you my readers, what is your opinion concerning the post? Leave your comments below in the comment section. Thanks.

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