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Angela Nwosu Shares Her Addiction Story On Social Media

Angela Nwosu Shares Her Addiction Story On Social Media

Angela Nwosu shares her addiction story on social media, and this is what she said. The Spiritualist – Angela Nwosu has taken to her social media account to share her past addiction story. According to her, she was formerly addicted to using drugs, and this addiction caused her some damages in her life. Not until she met her husband, Soundmind Austin who fought hard to make sure she overcomes her addiction.

Angela Nwosu is not just a known spiritualist online, she is also regarded by many as the Queen of Positivity. She is a very sociable human whose greatest joy is putting smiles on the faces of people. But who knew that behind the bubbling Angela we see now, that there is an ugly past which paved way for the ‘beautiful present’ people now enjoy. Read below to see some extracts from the addiction story she shared on her Facebook page.

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So, social media has been buzzing since Angela Nwosu made a promise to gift her fan of the year a car. Below is an extract from what she posted on her Facebook page:

Angela Nwosu Shares Her Addiction Story On Social Media (Her Story)

I met Soundmind when I was addicted to drugs. He invited me to his house, I travelled to his house with it. I didn’t hide it or pretend to be one normal girl, forming posh. I totally and completely bared all to him. Before I visited him, I already told him a few things about me and how almost damaged I was. He told me he would save me and rehabilitate me, I didn’t believe him. But because I was already tired of the type of life I was living and was willing to do anything to change for the better, I kept hope alive.

There was no need to hide anything from him, if he was going to change me, he needed to see everything that needs to be worked on. I would do drugs, while he watched. I even offered him at a point, he turned it down… The drug was codeine. I couldn’t eat or sleep, without taking it overdose every time, then. My Past. My Story.

Angela Nwosu Shares Her Addiction Story On Social Media

Indeed, here is not just a story about overcoming ones past, but here is also a story about True Love and Sacrifice. What is your take on this story of Angela Nwosu’s past addiction?

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