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7 Easy Ways To Recognise A Narcissist Partner

A narcissist partner

Before talking about 7 easy ways to recognise a narcissist partner, one must know who a narcissist is before confirming if their partner is one or not. A Narcissist is someone either a male or a female, who is full of pride and equally egoistic; and who shows extreme love and admiration for oneself alone. They have this inflated sense of importance and they always crave people’s admiration and attention.

A narcissist partner

Also, they lack sympathy and empathy for what others are feeling. Other people see them as people who are selfish because they never consider the feelings of others only theirs. Being in constant touch with them can be described as rather unfortunate because they will make you question your sanity to the extent that you’ll begin to doubt your self-worth. So, below are 7 easy ways to recognise a narcissist partner.

A narcissist partner

7 Easy Ways To Recognise A Narcissist Partner

1. They first present to you a charming personality

When you started the relationship at first, they show themselves to be extremely sweet and loving by exhuming so much charm that you begin to envision your relationship to be a fairy tale. They tell you how loving and compatible you guys are even when it is obvious you just started the relationship. You see their true colour and what they truly feel about you when you make a mistake or do something that disappoints them.

2. They feed on your compliments

A research carried out on this type of people shows that though they seem to have super self-confidence while lacking self-esteem. To feel good about themselves, they need to be praised constantly; and when you don’t praise them, they will search for it. To appreciate their source of self-worth, they use other people, especially those who are empathic.

A narcissist partner
3. They are always the centre of the conversation:

They love to talk constantly about themselves, their achievements and accomplishments; and they do this with a great deal of pride. When in a relationship with them, they’ll be too busy praising, talking and admiring themselves that they fail to listen to you or even notice you are there. They feel they are the only smart and intelligent people around while viewing others as inferior and non-intelligent.

4. They have no empathy

Since everything is always centred around them, they fail to empathize with others and understand what others are feeling too. Rather than show you love, care and understanding when you express the things that made you sad or mad [just like you would have done for them], they get bored with you and ignore you.

5. They gas-light you

Gas-lighting you means that they try to manipulate you and abuse you emotionally just because of their selfish reasons. This attitude of theirs will make you begin to question your self-worth You begin to apologize constantly even for their wrongdoings, and you find yourself always making excuses for their selfish behaviours.

6. They start to complain about everything

They become easily pissed off about everything and anything you do. Everything about you becomes irritating to them and a problem to them as well. The complaints begin to come in ranging from the way you eat, sleep, walk, your body type, the cloth you wear, to the people you hang out with etc. Not only will they belittle you by calling you abusive names, all in a bid to make you lose your self-worth. They will also make you feel like a nobody without them and to be afraid of them constantly. Then simple things that you do that is worth an applause or commendation will end up with them ridiculing you and knocking you down with insulting words.

7. They never apologize:

How can they apologize when to them they are always right? So, instead of apologizing, they’ll find a way to twist the whole thing to make it look like it’s your fault. They do this because they feel that without them you will amount to nothing. They also feel they are doing you a favour by being with you. The best thing to do with a narcissist is to end the relationship.

In conclusion, you can’t change a narcissist or make them happy by loving them enough to want to trim yourself to their standard. The inability of a narcissist partner to empathize and show genuine care to their partner is one of the numerous reasons a lot of relationships collapse.

Please note that this article is not for you to jump to the conclusion that your partner is a narcissist because he/she exhibits one or two of the traits listed above. Rather it’s for you to take time and evaluate your relationship clearly to know if they are the right person for you or not.
I hope these 7 easy ways to recognise a narcissist partner inspires someone out there today. Please leave a comment in the comment section on your own opinion or experiences with a narcissist. Thanks.

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