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4 benefits of a female friend most guys don’t know about

benefits of a female friend

From the creation story in the Bible God saw there was a need for a female companion for man. And as a man grows from childhood to adulthood the need for a woman begins to grow too. Over the years women have become various things to men base on the man’s need. Having a true female friend is a thing of joy for those who know the value of it. Unlike male friends, female friends are more caring and loving in most aspects. It’s in their nature already, that how they were created to be loving and compassionate. That’s why it’s often said a mother’s bond to a child is stronger than that of a father. In this article am going to be sharing the 4 benefits of a female friend most guys don’t know about.

It’s quite unfortunate in our modern times most guys just see girls as sex mates and playthings. When a guy looks at a girl most times the first thing that comes to mind is bedding with her. I don’t all blame it on the guys though as most girls don’t even know what it means to be a friend. They always see it as an avenue to eat a guy’s money and not let him have sex with them. Some girls are the ones who suggest friendship but don’t ever contribute anything. The best they can always do is eat your money and call you “mugu” or “mumu”. This often the reason most guys try to get laid in return for money and gifts. They see it as a means of balancing the equation.

If you can look towards that and find a true female friend the benefits are always worth it. Having a good female friend is always a plus as she can go to almost any length to help you succeed. I have heard good testimonies of what such friends can really do. Without any further delays, let’s explore these four benefits.

benefits of a female friend

1. Friendship

Of course, having someone to call a friend and talk to is something everybody wants. Having someone you can trust and confide in is a great thing too. Right from creation, we were designed to need each other. As we all know, no man is an island no matter how introverted you may think you are. We often get lonely at times and need some to relate with. Having a female friend is always a game-changer. Ladies always add this certain charm and color to every place they enter. Having them around will always lift your spirit when you are down. If you find one cherish her and don’t lose her. Don’t let your small brain control your big brain it spoils the whole thing. Be smart my guy.

2. Support

Women have always been supportive in nature, God created them that way too. A good woman would always be there to help you even as a friend. She will always be willing to help you whenever she can even without asking. I had a friend who came from a little and was having difficulties in his second year at the university. He didn’t even have a house to stay, one of his female friends offered to let him squat at her place. He turned down the offer obviously in a bit not to let her have issues with her boyfriend.

But she made sure he always had something to eat always. The same girl told another of her female friend about his plight and she offered to pay his fees. The school fee was 45,000 Naira then and gave him extra money on top of it. Women are kind-hearted indeed, especially when you meet the ones that understand life.

benefits of a female friend

3. Advice

A good female friend will always be there to give you good advice whenever you need it. You guys are not dating so there won’t even be a need to lie to you. She will even advise you even better when it comes to other women. That is if you are in a relationship or planning to go into any. She won’t let any lady cheat you at all, as she will defend you like her own brother. She will always have your best interest at heart and this is always something to cherish. Having a female friend that will do much for you gives a guy a lot of peace.

4. Access to networks (Connection)

This one is even my best part, women always have access to things we don’t have. They even get favors more than us guys. This benefits guys who hustle hard for what they make to take care of themselves. Where the power of a man ends that’s where that of a woman continues. Women generally get help and support easier than us men. This makes them more connected than us men in most cases. Where it may take you months to get an audience a woman can get in minutes. Having a female friend that has the right connect can easily get you audience when you need it. It could be for a job vacancy, business proposition, etc. It is said never underestimate the power of a woman, this is something most guys neglect.

benefits of a female friend


Try to always respect your female friends and understand boundaries. This is key in maintaining a healthy relationship with her.  If in the long run, you guys fall in love then if even a good thing. The relationship will never break as getting married to your friend is a big blessing to me. Remember don’t let your small brain ruin a good friendship. Use your head guy.

Let me have your comments and ladies hope I spoke right.




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